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Does IVF raise the cancer risks?

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There has been a study about how does IVF raise the cancer risks? According to:

This article was about that babies who are born through fertility treatment they suffer from a rare combination of birth defects and by that the risk of cancer is six times more increased. This study has raised serious questions about the safety of the fertility treatment that most couples have been doing in the past years. They claimed that the “researchers found that the IVF-initiated conception was six times more common than in the general population”. In this article was also found that the “children born with BWS are predisposed to a type of kidney cancer called Wilms”. However there were many questions about these studies and many mothers were upset thinking day and night about their newborns and how this is going to reflect on their future. The most interesting situation was that right after this study it was clear that none of this is true and the couples can rest a little bit.

According to:

They said that all those questions about IVF increasing the chances of cancer increasing in all the babies that are born via IVF. They claimed that “Women getting fertility treatments can be reassured that in vitro fertilization (IVF) does not increase their risk of breast and gynecological cancer”. They also said in their statement that babies born through IVF process are safe and their increased chances of cancer and kidney failure are nothing but just another false alarm. When people read this statement about IVF not increasing the cancer risks they became people full of questions.


Which one of these statementsis really true?

On one side we have the one statement that IVF is increasing the babies cancer risk and kidney failure, women are more likely that they have cervical and breast cancer risk, and on the other side we have that none of all those theses are actually true.  You have to be very careful about telling people and going straight with some kind of studies about increasing cancer, every patient that is going through the IVF process is watched very closely and it is more likely that if there is anything suspicious, than it is more than sure that doctors will notice it. That is why we have to know what we are reading and when we read something like this, instead of thinking about it at home we have go straight and ask someone that has more information about the case and inform us. However taking an opinion for granted from some source that is not classified and thinking about that instead of consulting with someone can be very dangerous. Spreading a word such as cancer can upset many people and it is not something like for example talking for today’s weather. Today we are fighting with all our strength for these kinds of false alarms, and we are hoping that we are not going to hear any more bad news about this subject.

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