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Pap smear vs. HPV test, which one is more important?

Two days ago I was reading about the benefits if HPV test and how we should not even consider the taking the PAP test. women talked that ┬áit is nothing that scratching the surface of the cervix in order to get more cells and it is the same thing with HPV test except for the fact that the HPV test is much better. it was written that all women who are against the replacement of PAP test are sheaps. I would consider the fact that anyone who is against changes for better tomorrow is a sheap and afraid of the current changes, but I would call a person with such name if the person do not know what is PAP test and why is taken? Such reaction isn’t correct! Your OBGYN should explain why is taken.

Why we take PAP test, why HPV is important and what are the differences?

both procedures are the same, a sample is taken from the cervix and sent to lab for analysis. We use the PAP test in order to detect if there is an egzistance of HPV virus or any other abnormal cell changes. Positive PAP test will give the right direction, it means that if the presence of HPV is confirmed, than you will have to do HPV test and find out if you are carrier of a high risk HPV virus.

Why wouldn’t I take just the HPV test?