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Perineum massage pregnancy

Perineum massage pregnancy – Why is it helpful

The perineum is a very thin skin, located between the vaginal opening and your anus. You will notice its importance after 36 weeks of pregnancy when the baby is pressuring the vagina’s wall. If the delivery is spontaneous, the perineum is torn apart because of the pressure from the baby’s head. The tearing of the perineum mostly depends from:

  1. The woman’s physiognomy
  2. The baby’s weight
  3. The type of childbirth

During the childbirth, the gynecologist has to make a wider pathway for the baby’s head. Episiotomy or surgical incisions are the only way to make trough the vagina without dealing any damage to the baby’s head. That is a very big trauma for every woman during delivery. There is a very simple way to escape these exhausting treatments to your body by performing the perineum massage.

The perineum massage is particularly intended for women who are carrying their first child. Perineum massage does not take a lot of you time, this massage is 5 minutes every 3 to 4 times a week. Either you or your partner can do the perineum massage. There are a few steps you should follow if you want to do this massage properly:

Perineum massage techniques

  • The mirror is a very helpful  tool if you are doing the massage by yourself
  • You can try different positions, such as leaning your back against the wall while being in a crouching position or standing with one foot raised and resting on the chair.
  • Use a lubricant such as vegetable oil, but do not use baby oil because it may irritate the vagina.
  • If you’re going to massage yourself then you should use your thumbs pressing down the sides of the vagina until you feel a timely sensation and continue applying pressure for 5 minutes.
  • You can also massage the skin of the perineum

You can talk to your doctor or a midwife if the massage is useable for you. It is also very important that you eat lot of healthy food like fruits and vegetables, which provide elastin in order for the perineum not to tear apart. Pregnancy is a very nice and relaxing period for every woman if it is normal.

“What about the labor? Can I avoid episiotomy by doing perineum massage?” Many women are pondered by this big question.  It is very possible to avoid episiotomy if you are in the beginning of the 34th week of pregnancy. If you are massaging the perineum 3 or 4 times a week you may increase the ability to stretch, you will have bigger chances not having episiotomy and less natural tears.

That is a good way for every woman not to ask herself every day is she going to suffer like everybody else. Perineum massage is very natural, you do not have to buy anything and the most important you can do it by yourself any time.