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IVF- Pregnancy

Congratulations on your IVF pregnancy! You can find out what is happening to your body and see how your baby is developing in each phase of your pregnancy.

IVF pregnancy- the first trimester

Week 1 to week 12: the first trimester is a period of major development for your fetus. In this period you may notice physical and emotional changes, you may notice that you are pregnant straight away, but most women do not realize until they are four or five weeks pregnant. During the first trimester you may experience symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, frequency of urination and breast changes. It is very important to find out what you can or cannot eat during this semester. What are the exact essential substances that you need to take for your baby’s development. Smoking and alcohol are strongly forbidden during pregnancy. If you feel any kind you stomach aches, or other symptoms that are more pronounced you should make appointment immediately. During the first semester of the IVF pregnancy it is recommended for all women not to lift heavy things, not to do sports and be careful when getting up and siting.

IVF pregnancy- second trimester

The second trimester is actually the best period of pregnancy. It is the best period because many of the side effects of the first trimester have begun to disappear and you will get the feeling of contentment and well- being. This is the period when people will say that you look very nice, because you will start to take care of your look much more than in the past. You will not have the full weight of a maturing baby placing stress on your body. There are number of changes on your body that you will notice in the second trimester. Those changes are on your digestive system, your body shape and breathing and at last this is the trimester when you will feel your baby’s first moves. This is the right time for you to prepare for your baby.

IVF pregnancy- the third trimester

Week 28 till the time you will become a mommy: you will feel a combination of excitement as the birth approaches, this is mixed with an increasing desire to hurry up with everything. You are caring a large weight around and that is why you may feel uncomfortable everywhere you go, these symptoms are related with your increasing size. The shortness of breath that you are experiencing will subside when the baby drops down into your pelvis and in preparation for birth. You may also experience other problems in the third trimester of your IVF pregnancy:

Sleeping problems– Unlike in the first and second trimester, now sleeping seems overrated; this is because of the shortness of breath and your increasing size. You may try sleeping on your side or use pillows and prop yourself into a comfortable position.

Leaking urine- There is a high pressure in the third semester of your IVF pregnancy on your bladder now and it can cause a slight leakage of urine when you cough or laugh. This will not be a problem anymore after the baby is born.