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Dr. House Dr. House come out wherever you are

Funny story at  the village. I was working in a village near the city of Skopje in 2006. It was a village where you can hear only the Albanian language. I was the only outsider there and it was good for me because I couldn’t understand the language so my patients weren’t complaining to me 🙂 It is not I was happy about that when it comes to understand something important that you want to know about the patient’s health but here people have a bad habit to complain about their personal life.


That is why I was happy to miss that part of my job. It was a hot summer day. We had a lot of patients that morning. A mother and her son came into the office. They looked very scared. The boy was confused and the mother was pointing at him and raised the boy’s shirt. His body was all covered in red spots. The doctor said that he has a fever and they have to go to the State Clinic and make some exams. They were spouse to be back by noon with the results. We were waiting for them. Not that it will be a big change if you send a patient to the State Clinic because I live in a country were the health care system is far beyond perfect. If you have a problem you aren’t going to solve it but you will wait at least two months to realize that you are just you are wasting you time. After you realize it, you are going to pay a bunch of money because your health situation is going to become serious.

The patients came back with the results. They doctor asked them if the child have ate something unusual in the past two days. The mother told us and the doctor prescribed some medications and they left the office. One week after this happened the boy and the mother return in our office. They complained that the problem isn’t entirely solved. The boy still had those red spots on his back. They were very nervous and the mother was looking at us like we were criminals. The doctor didn’t know what could cause those red spots on the boy’s back. He ask her everything and still couldn’t find the reason. At the same moment the boy started to cry, he saw a cock outside the office door. I have mention previously that I worked in a village so don’t be surprised  A cock was in front of my door. We told the boy not to be afraid. The boy said to us that the neighbor’s cock was chasing him and baited his leg two times these week. The problem was solved. We knew the what was causing the red spots. The doctor recommendation was to keep the boy away from the cock. I could swear it was like one of dr. House episodes.