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Your own kitchen can be leader to your health and lead you to more energy!

Food means health.The proper way to choose your food may lead you to a great body shape and it will protect you from many diseases. Here are some benefits that show why organic food is good for your health:

  1. Great taste– the organic fruits and vegetables grow very slow and they have about 30% more solids than regular food which makes the organic foods have a better taste.
  2. It improves our health– organic foods are richer with vitamin C and other important minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Chromium. Organic foods also contain antioxidants that prevent cancer. In the organic milk there are more natural omega3, vitamin A and vitamin E and other antioxidants.
  3. There are no harmful additives– Only 32 from 290 food additives are used in Europe and they are allowed in organic foods. The hydrogenated fat and the dangerous sodium glutamine (MSG) are forbidden, they are related with many health issues.
  4. No pesticides– Not any pesticide is allowed in the organic foods because pesticides are related to causes of many diseases.
  5. Without Organic Genetic Modifications – organic food is not genetically modified.
  6. Without antibiotics– Antibiotics are part of the everyday standard food of the home animals and they serve to accelerate their growth, but when the antibiotics enter the human body it becomes immune to this kind other kinds of antibiotics.
  7. There are no “hidden” contaminants – the contaminants from the environment are not a part from the organic food.
  8. High standards – There is a food inspection at least once a year that inspects the organic farms and foods.
  9. Taking care of the animals – in the organic agriculture, the living conditions of the animals are closer to the natural which means – free and comfortable movement.
  10. Taking care of the environment– the organic agriculture contributes to the biological diversity of life on the farm.