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Mommy needs to work :)

You grow up, get married, have a baby…. quit your job! Whats next?. Two years ago I was pregnant with my daughter Jana. I was working till my 6th month of pregnancy. I couldn’t keep my job and I become Stay at home Mom. Then Jana was born.

stay at home momThe first year wasn’t to hard, she was little and it was my first time staying home. She was little and she needed me all the time. I was breastfeeding her. After eight months I had to quit my job. My husband told me it’s going to be ok, my baby needs me. I thought it was ok, it is hard for me to work with all that obligations  There is one problem with the whole situation now, I am bored to death. The days are passing away and I am sitting home with my baby. I do not have anyone to talk with. I am feeling useless because everybody are working and it’s just me sitting around and feeling desperate. When you live in a country with 30% unemployment you do not have the choice if you are going to work or not.

I am a nurse by profession. It should be easy for me to find a job, at least I thought that it would be. I am feeling that my marriage is falling apart. All that is my fault. I think that nobody understands how difficult really is to sit around and doing nothing with your life. I love my daughter very much, but sitting home one day after another isn’t easy for a person that has been working since she was 18 years old. I tried to search job via internet, remote jobs. The thing with remote job is that you fight for one job with a  bunch of Indians  and your client will not pay you 1$ an hour, when he has options to hire someone else for 0,50.

I am sending at least 10 job application a day. No response to my prayers. Hope it will be better, but I have to be more ambitious  There is another thing that makes me unhappy too. Even if I get a job, I won’t be payed enough. The fact that all nursing salaries here are 200 euros a month, make us scream so much loud that the whole universe will hear your voice eventually. I remember when I was working I wanted to have a decent salary and to work 40 hours a week. That is a full time job. My job was at least 50 hours a week with no payment for the extra hours. And I should be happy for having a job. Working in a gynecologic obstetrics office is not a place where you can sit and smile all day long. I had at least 50 women that were coming and going from 7 am to 5 pm. For all that work I had just a smile and thank you. This is a shitty country and I want to disappear.  I had a huge fight yesterday with my husband. It’s like I am guilty about everything. Why can he understand that I have a problem? I am not perfect, I will not ever be that perfect woman that cleans that house every day, cooks 24/7, smile to the child, and stay happy. Sometimes I am jealous of my sister. She has a nice job, good husband and no children. She doesn’t like kids. I think that she even don’t like my kid. She didn’t both her apartment  she didn’t both her car, and yet she has all the things that I need. Some people are lucky I suppose.

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Vegetables for better health

You can start with green!

Spinach, green salad, asparagus, young onion, radishes – these are the vegetables that contain important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


Spinach can reduce the risk of heart diseases

The spinach has many antioxidant properties, it helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis and colon cancer. This vegetable is good to reduce the level of the cholesterol in blood and prevents anemia at the same time because it contains iron. 100g spinach has only 25 calories and 1400mg mineral ingredients. Spinach is rich with Magnesium, instead of drinking effervescent Magnesium tablets you can have it your body on the most natural way. If you want to save the useful ingredients in the spinach you will have to cook it on steam.


Green salad can help you get a good night sleep

From all the vegetables the green salad has the least calories. 100g of green salad has only 15 calories. This is because of the fibers that the green salad contains; and also it helps to reduce the level of cholesterol. It is rich with vitamins: C, E and B. The green salad is full with folic acid, alpha and beta carotene and lycopene. If you often eat green salad you can increase the level of the antioxidants in your blood. Green salad contains: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, silicon and cobalt. The latest research about green salad is saying that it reduces the nerve tension and helps in having a good night sleep.


Asparagus is highly recommended for pregnant women

Unfortunately you can find fresh asparagus only at the end of March. It has a large amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A can give you immunity to stop the free radicals in your body. The asparagus is rich with fibers and iron. In its composition contains rutin which comes in combination with vitamin C and prevents all sorts of infections. Because of the folic acid it is highly recommended for pregnant women. With help of the asparagus you can perform a natural detoxication in your organism.


 Young garlic can clean your blood

The young garlic has enzymes that are useful if you have increased cholesterol and blood pressure. Beside the enzymes it contains vitamins such as vitamin B and C, iron, calcium, and potassium. This vegetable has a very significant part in cleaning the blood vessels.


Radishes are recommended for smokers

The radishes are rich with vitamin A, C, B1 and B2, iron, sodium and phosphorus. They are very useful if you want to lose some weight because it increases the digestion. Many people that are familiar with the power of radishes juice they use it in treatment for bronchitis, flu and headache. 100g radishes have only 15 calories.

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Top 10 Travel Health Advice Tips for the European Union

Take your first aid kits

Supposed you have already planned your perfect trip in the Europe Union, before you close the front door of your house you should never forget your first aid kits. You can never know what might happen to you or your friends.

European health Insurance card

Traveling can be exciting and difficult at the same time, but if you are a member of EU and you are travelling abroad be sure to get insurance card which will give you easier access to the medical treatment in different country. The benefits of this card are that you will have the same treatment as a citizen of that specific country.

For non EU members and if you do not have an insurance card the costs of the medical treatment is higher and you will have to pay the full price while you are there. The money will be returned to you by your health insurance company when you come home. For example if you go to Greece for ordinary medical examination you will be charged 50 euro, Sweden 400 kronor (46 euro), and Croatia 60 euros.

It is strongly recommended to visit your doctor before you leave if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Have a problem with deep vein thrombosis
  • If you are under hormonal medication
  • If you have cardiovascular problems, cancer of you have recently done a surgery
  • If you suffer from other medical condition that might affect your travels.

Check the climate at the place you are visiting

Europe is different everywhere, depending from where you are planning to go if you have special medical conditions then you have to do a little research. You have to know the climate or the population level of the country where you are planning to visit. Ask your doctor for opinion if your trip might affect you.


 Not every medication is legal in all countries

If you are on a prescribed therapy then you should get enough prescription medication from your doctor in order to last you throughout your journey. Make sure that your medication is legal in the country that you are traveling in and carry your doctor’s letter with you along with a copy of your prescription. Make sure that your travel company is informed about your condition and that you’re insurance cover you.

Eating habits in Europe

According to the research made in Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health the health disease rate in US is higher than the rate in EU. Still there is some difference in the obesity in different in EU. So before traveling check the eating habits in the courtiers you’re visiting.


Do not eat everywhere


Eat from clean reputable restaurants and never from a street vendor. This is to prevent the traveler’s diarrhea. If you are on a budget try to buy more from supermarkets. Do not think that everything is safe just because you are in the EU. The recent outbreak was just now in Netherlands where a thousand people fell ill after eating salmon produced by the Foppen Company.


Accidents in Europe- costs, damages

Your insurance will cover the costs for third party injured (the person you injure) as well as the costs for people who are at the same car with you, but not for the driver himself. If you are in an accident in any EU country you will be covered the following amounts:

From 12 June 2012

  • 100000 euros per victim or
  • 500000 euros per claim for personal injuries and
  • 1000000 euros for material damage

If your damage exceeds the amount covered by the insurance company you will have to pay the difference.


Vaccinations and immunizations

Every country has a different calendar of immunization. You should get your vaccine at least 2-3 months before your trip. If you are staying a longer period you will have to arrange the required vaccinations and immunizations even sooner. If you are visiting Croatia for example you will have to take vaccines for measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DTP) vaccine, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Rabies.


STDs are common on vacation

Always practice safe sex, even in Europe. Do not buy cheap condoms hopping that it is enough to protect you from sexual transmitted diseases. In case of emergency call 112 it is the default number for all Europe countries.



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Top 10 travel health advice tips for the Philippines

Pack all the medications that you need

Do not forget to pack your medications in their clearly labeled containers. If you have syringes and needles you need to bring, a letter from your physician is a must that they are a medical necessary. Unlike Europe in all Asian countries except Singapore you can buy medications without a doctor’s prescription, but you cannot find the latest antidepressant drugs. It is always better to bring double medications if you need them.


Take your first aid kit

Maybe you will be surprised but all the medical practitioners in Philippines speak very good English. If you are planning to explore remote islands and jungles you should take the first aid kit with you. If you have an accident the medical attention may be several hours away. An extra supplies of medications in case it becomes damaged by moisture or the heat is always good to have with you.


Do not travel without health insurance

If you have any medical condition your insurance will cover it. For those that are fans of mountain climbing or any other sports that are more extreme, you may require extra insurance. The extra insurance is if something goes wrong the emergency evacuation is very expensive. A bill over $100000 is not something that anyone would like to cover.


Check the weather before planning your trip

The months that are peak for travel to Philippines are in the summer months of March to May and during holidays of November to February. March, April and May are the hottest while November, December, January and February are the colder.


Take your routine vaccinations

Routine vaccinations: measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine, diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus (DPT) vaccine. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B.

Typhoid vaccine– this is recommended for those people that are traveling or working in Southeast Asia and have in plan to stay with relatives, friends to visit smaller cities and villages.

Japanese encephalitis– this vaccine is recommended for those people that want to visit rural farming areas under special circumstances.

Rabies– this vaccine is recommended for those who like camping, bicycling or hiking.


Health recommendations

Even if you have many things to do you should still see a health-care provider. CDC recommendations are that you need to visit a health-care provider who has specialization on Travel Medicine. Even if the yellow fever is not disease risk in the Philippines the government requires a proof of a yellow fewer vaccination.


Be wary of friendly strangers

Eating and drinking with your friends is something that everybody does and it feels nice. Eating and drinking with a stranger is something that you should never do if you are in Philippines. This is the most common scam that involves drugging a tourist’s food or drinks and after that robbing them. This is very dangerous and can cause a serious damage over your health.


Tropical infections are common

If you have untreated cuts or scratches always treat them with Betedine or other antiseptic solution, because of the tropical climate they might be easily infected.

STDs: HIV and Herpes are very prevalent in the Philippines, always have save sex. Do not by some cheap condoms and wash your hands before and after having sex.

Food and water: many people drink tap water and they do not have any problems, for those that consider drinking tap is expensive there is bottled water which is cheap and readily available in places like 7Eleven and stores such as this one that are all over the country. The food is very nice and levels of food hygiene are excellent.

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EU’s Falsified Medicines Directive

Falsified medicines are medicines that pass themselves as real. They look like the original package and they present a big health treat. Here are few things that every person in UK should be informed about falsified medicines:

  • They are bad quality
  • They are in lower doses than the original package
  • They are not labeled as the original package
  • They do not contain the right ingredients

In wealthy countries such as the United Kingdom there are a few types of medicines that are very expensive such as:

  • Anti-cancer medicines
  • Antivirals
  • Hormones
  • Steroids
  • Antihistamines

EU has a strong policy about this increasing phenomenon. Recently they introduced new rules for better protection of the patients. EU has adopted a new Directive on falsified medicines for human use.

This Directive serves to protect every patient from the chain of falsified medicines. It guarantees 100% safety for all patients and the control measures are much bigger not only in UK but all across Europe. Here are some of these measures:

  1. The outer package of medicines has new characteristics and has to demonstrate that the medicines are unique.
  2. More requirements from the manufacturers about the pharmaceutical ingredients.
  3. If there is any suspicion from the manufacturers or the distributers about fake medicines they have to report it right away.
  4. All websites that sell medicines must have logo with a link to the official national registers.

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Every person wants to have a beautiful smile, to last forever and to match with their natural teeth. The main thing about replacing the natural teeth is how much you are comfortable with the replacement?

The Benefits of Dental Implants is that they provide a strong foundation for fixed or removable replacement teeth. Whether you choose to have fixed or removable replacement teeth, because of that choice you are going to keep that beautiful smile. The important thing is that they are going to look your natural teeth.  The other advantages of Dental Implants:

Feels like your own teeth again: Dental implants are designed to fuse with your bone and because of that they become permanent.

Better speech: Dental implants improve your speech and allow you to speak without having thoughts that your teeth might slip. With poor-fitting denture your chances of mumbling and slurring your words are actually increased. The teeth can slip within the mouth and cause you mumble because of the poor fitting denture and that can never happen with the dental implants.

The feeling is comfortable: Knowing that dental implants are part of you means to eliminate the discomfort, implants does not allow the discomforts like removable dentures do.

You can eat your favorite food: With sliding dentures chewing is much more difficult. That make you to choose what you eat. With dental implants you can eat without feeling any pain, eat what you want and have more confidence like you didn’t have before.

Bring back your ego: Smiling again, having what is yours brings back your self-esteem, dental implants can give you is feeling to be better about yourself.

Expiration date: Dental implants do not expire. They can last many years, with good care they can last a lifetime.

Shape is not a problem: There are different shapes and sizes of dental implants. They are for all ages and with help of your implant dentist you will know which implant is going to be the right choice for you.

Almost anyone can get dental implants. With good oral hygiene and regular dental visits you can get dental implants. From heavy smokers to people suffering from uncontrolled radiation therapy, they all are considered to be potential patients for dental implants. You can visit your dentist and see if they are the right choice for you. The very important thing about implants is whether you have enough bone to support the implant. For those that don’t have enough bone to support there are many ways to correct bone deficiency.



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Tips For A Pain-Free Birth

Labor is called labor for a reason, and everybody knows that. Every woman has to take that pain, huffing, puffing and pushing, which is hard work! As the preparation goes, every woman is thinking about all that pain and how she is going to manage it. The journey into childbirth is passing on and you are considering what methods of pain.

Management you will use in your labor and the process of giving birth. The contractions are the worse part that you will go through; giving a birth to your child is the most releasing pain. If you already decided for natural way of giving birth here are some tips you should know:


Probably there are Lamaze classes at your local hospital that you can sign up, or you can take courses via video or internet. Through these classes you and your partner can learn the physiology of childbirth. There are different techniques of relaxation and special concentration on the breathing methods that you can use in the labor process.

Touch and Massage

Have you ever had a terrible headache? But then something else happens, something that can distract you a little bit so that you pain is not that big at the moment. The idea of touch and massage is based on the finding, that the body does not process more than one feeling at a time. If you are in labor and this massage is performed at the same time, endorphins are released into the blood stream creating a natural way of battling the pain. During a massage, circulation is also enhanced which increases blood flow and oxygen to the fetus. The mother is allowed to relax because the stress hormones are also reduced.


Hydrotherapy is a technique that dates from prehistoric times. When the body is in water it encourages muscle relaxation, releases psychological tension, and enhances the process of natural labor. All the studies have shown that there is no way of compromising the fetus during the time that the mother is in the water and she can stay in the water as long as she wishes.

Positional Changes during Labor

Changing positions during labor makes the labor easier, managing the pain, it can speed up the labor process due to gravity. There are few known positions during labor like upright, squatting, side, flat, and hands and knees. Many mothers prefer birthing balls because they can sit, rock, bounce, stretch and enhance the labor process.


If you are planning to take courses for hypnotherapy you should prepare yourself from the seventh month of pregnancy. Using hypnotherapy, some mothers even said that they had no pain in their delivery process. Hypnotherapy can put you in a very relaxing state during labor or delivery.

After you have read all this tips you probably have an idea of natural pain management options, so you can prepare for childbirth. No matter which method you will choose the result will be the same, a beautiful baby in your arms.

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WMI breast- Your health our care

WMI Breast is a study about the influence of the ovarian steroid hormones, estrogen and progesterone that are in the normal breast and also in the breast cancer. The reasons for developing breast cancer are unknown. We can say that the crucial role of the ovarian hormones, in normal breast development and function, and their connection to breast cancer is undeniable. Many clinical studies have shown that woman exposed to progesterone in these formulations can increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

Breast cancer starts in the tissues of the breast. There are two types of breast cancer:

  • Ductal carcinoma that starts in the tubes that move the milk from the breast to the nipple.
  • Lobular carcinoma starts in the lobular part of the breast that produces milk.

In very rare cases breast cancer can develop in other areas of the breast. Breast cancer is separated in two types: invasive and noninvasive. Noninvasive cancer is also called “in situ”.

  • Ductal carcinoma in situ is a breast cancer in the lining of milk ducts that has not yet invaded the tissues. It may progress to invasive if it is not treated.
  • Lobular carcinoma in situ is a marker for increased risk of invasive cancer in one or both breasts.

Breast cancers are very sensitive to the hormone estrogen. That is why estrogen can cause the breast cancer tumor to grow. Such cancers have their own estrogen receptors on the surface of their cells. These kinds of receptors are called estrogen receptor-positive cancer or ER-positive cancer.

Over a lifetime 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. There are risk factors you cannot change:

Age and gender– As you get older your risk of developing breast cancer increases. Most breast cancer cases are found in woman over the age of 50.

Family history – If you have a close relative that has or had breast cancer the risk factor is higher for developing a breast cancer.

Genes– Some people have genes that make them more likely to expose to breast cancer. This is the most common reason for developing breast cancer.

Menstrual cycle– The risk factor is higher for developing breast cancer for woman who got their period earlier and for those woman who went through menopause late.

Other risks factors include: Alcohol use, childbirth, DES, hormone replacement therapy, radiation.

There are many ways for early detection of breast cancer. A breast screen can detect subtle physiological changes in breast tissue which can indicate pre-cancerous cellular changes. An early –stage breast cancer through a breast scan may allow for earlier diagnosis. Having a chance to detect the precancerous changes in the breast tissue earlier like 8-10 years earlier is a major step forward. Early diagnosis and detection can result in more treatment options. Our desire is that early detection will allow for life- style changes to “forget the past” preventing tumor growth.  There are many other ways for early detection for breast cancer like mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound and etc.


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The Importance of having a Balanced Meal

Eating Balanced Meal is going to help you to be more agile especially if you are all day in front of your computer. It is very important to eat minimum 400g fruits and vegetables a day. The World Health Organization says this amount in time you are going to avoid obesity, heart problems, diabetes and other serious problems with your health.The point of having a Balanced Meal is not get you feel starved. Balanced meal is going to help you to make your own path to be fresher with more energy for every day of the week.

Everyday life is not like it was once in the past. I remember when I was young and my mother cooked. I remember having at least one snack before lunch or dinner. The snack was usually an apple or a banana. The whole family was sitting at the table and eating, normally first was the soup, then the salad and last the main meal.

Now my snack is a cup of coffee and the only time I have is the time I have a shavor and it is for sure that I am not going to use it to cook 3 or 4 hours. That’s why we eat fast food or simply we go to the nearest restaurant. If you didn’t notice but you are all your seven days in a hurry, probably some of you eat once, twice or eventually the third time is in bed or chair in front of the TV.

Here is one example of a balanced meal:

The breakfast: One glass of orange juice with fish oil and two apples.

Snack: One glass of yogurt with oat flakes.

You can eat apples as much as you like till your lunch time, it is recommended 1kg but you do not have to eat so much if you do not like to.

Lunch– For the lunch it is highly recommended three types of salad.

For example:  one cabbage salad, one lettuce salad and one fresh tomato salad. After you prepare all this three types of salad you can prepare the main meal which can be anything that is baked or brewed. Before you have your lunch it is also recommended to have one glass of soup.

Snack: One glass of yogurt, banana or an apple before the dinner just to refresh a little bit.

Dinner- One glass of soap before the dinner starts. The three types of salads are already done and the main meal is ready. For dinner is better to not eat the whole meal you have eaten for lunch, but is recommended to eat only a half of it and if you are still feeling little hungry you can just finish the salad.

Before you get in bed if you are feeling hungry you can have a glass of yogurt. Twice a day a glass of yogurt helps your stomach PH and it helps your immune system to protect you from cold.

This balanced meal is god for you and especially if you have children. It is going to improve your health, be fresher and make you lose your weight. If you have a problem with sleeping this is more than a solution. Remember that you eat balanced all day long which means you are going to bed with your stomach empty. A glass of yogurt which you had before going to bed is going to help you not to have upsets during the night. The balanced meal is a solvation to your problem.

Expensive or there is a more chipper solution?

Probably when you read all these three types of salad and the roasted and cooked food you have to cook and buy you thought about your time and money that you do not have. There are some solutions about your problem. Even if you are single or with a family the problem with the time and money is the same.

Salads are expensive on every day base but junk food is not cheap also. You can’t split your hamburger or whatever you are eating on two pieces or share it with anyone else. These three types of salads can stay in the fridge and you can eat them later or you can split then in three dishes and eat them with your family. The main meal it is going to save you more money in future because you are not going to be the woman/man with the weight problem, hart problem or diabetes problem. You are going to be the woman/man with a lot of energy during the day capable to manage to be at every place you like on time.

How can I manage my children to eat this?

There is a big problem when it comes to children and food. If you ask me my daughter only likes to eat chocolates and French fry. She doesn’t want to eat anything else if she sees that there is a chocolate on the table. After some time I have learned that if you want your child to eat the exactly same type of food as you do you have to at least have to give them a reward?

That means you have to give them something to fight for and you have to make that interesting. I thought my daughter that the chocolate is going to be her reward at the end of the meal. I have hidden the chocolate at the beginning of the lunch and she started to cry. After she saw me and her dad playing and laughing with the food she stopped but she was still angry. She didn’t have much of a choice but to try from the food. After she finished I gave to her the chocolate as her reward.






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Birth – Naturally or with epidural anesthesia?

Through decades we search for a way to change that painful experience into more beautiful experience for every mother. When it comes to labor mothers are pondered with the question: Am I going to be ok? Does it hurt that much?

This study is more about finding facts for women’s prenatal preferences for practice an epidural anesthesia during labor. Today most popular method to release pain during labor is epidural anesthesia. It is better for you to learn much more about all other options so you can be prepared to make a good decision what is the best for you and your newborn.

There are different types of epidural anesthesia so you can see how they are administered and their benefits. Every procedure has risks, keeping this in mind will help in your decide the course of labor and delivery.

Before choosing any type of pain release during labor you should ask your gynecologist or your midwife to advise you what is best for you and your newborn. If you already talked with your partner about the options, you should know the risks that you are taking with this procedure and you should know if you are or not allergic to some the medications that are in the anesthesia, do your homework.

When did epidural anesthesia become popular?

Epidural anesthesia is very popular since 1970. Most of the woman couldn’t handle the pain during childbirth even some of them ended tragically. When this kind of solution was brought it became more popular than Madonna. Every woman was searching her way to make thru her labor without feeling any pain. With the liberty to manage the side effects of the epidural if they eventuated epidural was more frequently recommended by caregivers. This was the way that is popular because the labor was painless for every woman.

How epidural anesthesia can be given?

Before the active labor begins you the intravenous fluids will be started. During labor you will receive 1-2 liters of IV fluids. A small area of your back will be with a local anesthetic to numb it, and a needle is then inserted into the numb place surrounding the spinal cord in the lower back. After that the catheter can be put through the needle into the epidural space. Catheter is to provide medication either through periodic injections or continuous infusions.

What are the types of epidurals?

There are 2 types of epidural anesthesia. Anesthesiologists will split and differ on the dosages and combination of medications. You should inform yourself about your care providers and their practices.

-Regular Epidural: When the catheter is in his place, a combination of narcotics and anesthesia is injected either by a pump or by periodic injections into the epidural space. To avoid the higher doses of anesthetics it has to be given a narcotic such as morphine.

– Combined Spinal-Epidural (CSE) or “Walking Epidural”: This type of anesthesia is a combination of spinal and epidural anesthesia and analgesia at the same time.

    *What is analgesia?

It is the first stage of the general anesthesia. The patient has blurred consciousness and his orientation and communication skills are very weak. The sensation for pain is reduced, but not completely disconnected. The heart work is accelerated and the muscles are not relaxed but all the reflexes are saved.


Epidural anesthesia can be used for Cesarean sections, the advantage of using a minimal dose of local anesthetic in order to have a quicker termination of the spinal anesthesia, but still having the catheter available for the patient in case he requires more medications.