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I can’t afford IVF

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If you tried for some time and can’t afford IVF (in-vitro fertilization), because it has become a financial burden, but you still want to try, we can raise your hope and suggest a list of financial help for couples that can’t afford IVF. Since IVF costs vary based on location and degree of health insurance, check with your doctor to see what financial options are best and recommended for you, based on your specific situation. This is what we suggest for making your fertility treatments affordable:

Refund programs

The general concept of IVF refund programs or shared risk program is that you pay fee for a number of IVF attempts, and if at the end of the cycle you have not taken a baby home, you get your money back (usually from 80% to 100%). The direct information for each program can be taken from IVF centers of your interest. The centers that provide these programs do not guarantee a successful outcome, but they guarantee that your money is refunded if the outcome is unsuccessful. The drawback of these programs is that if you do get pregnant during your first or second IVF cycle, you will not get a refund.


Patients that can’t afford IVF can obtain unsecure loans that cover the expenses. There are several companies that work with loans specifically for IVF, for example ( or (

Low cost programs

This includes looking for programs on fertility clinics specifically offering low cost procedures or visiting overseas clinics that can provide IVF treatment with lower costs. ( ). Before you make a decision to leave the country and go abroad, you should learn more about the clinic and their success rate. You will also have to determine how much you will need for travel expenses, and the amount of time that you will need to take off from work to travel abroad. Also you can apply for a grant for a scholarship program through some organizations like ( )

Health insurance

Some health insurance cover a portion of the costs associated with IVF. You can contact your health insurance company or your employer’s human resources department to learn if some of the IVF costs are a covered expense. Contact the insurance commission in the state where you reside because the state laws vary in some states the law is requiring insurers to cover the treatments.

Egg shearing

Some fertility clinic programs offer discount or free IVF cycles to women who are willing to donate any remaining eggs that are not being used during their IVF. Usually you will have to meet certain egg donor requirements and criteria to be eligible.

Lower technology treatments

Before trying IVF consider lower cost treatments like IUI. IUI program may be good option for couples with fertility issues like low sperm count, endometriosis, or unexpected infertility.  You should discuss your options with your doctor, and find out witch treatment make most sense for your fertility issues, though IUI does not have the same success rate as IVF.



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