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Pregnancy week One

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In the first week of pregnancy the baby is not conceived and we can measure her pregnancy from her last period. In this way we are certain that pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks calculating  from the first day of your last period (40 gestalt weeks). This is a very good start to take folic acid and quit smoking.

Mother: Your period has just started, maybe you are thinking about pregnancy? The conception isn’t started yet, but the counting of the 40 gestalt weeks has already started. Remember this date because аll the ratings for development of your baby depend from this date of your last period.

You can start taking folic acid once a day. It is a B vitamin group, and it is very good for the brain membranes of the baby. If you don’t have it in sufficient quantities, this might cause a disorder.

It is strongly recommended to quit smoking and to introduce healthy habits in this period. Avoid  having an X-ray and start to apply more lighter fizical activities.

Baby: The egg and spermatozoon  haven’t met and that means that the conception did not start yet. Conception starts one week after the egg and spermatozoon meat.


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